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Designed for Ultimate Flexibility

Your Minecraft Server Host now revolves around your gameplay schedule

Convenient Hourly Billing

We track the time your server is running and shut it down automatically when you stop playing. Don't pay when you don't play.

Flexible Server Memory

Modpack one day and Vanilla Minecraft the next? Don't pay for extra RAM when you don't need it.

Modern Control Panel

Manage your server with our sophisticated and easy to use control panel that consolidates server management and billing.

Manage your servers in one place

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Consistent Performance

Servers are stopped and started in the background transparently. There are no effects on the player experience. This saves resources and allows us to provide incredible performance at a low cost to you.

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Modern Hardware

Our servers run modern processors and fast NVME disks for smooth gameplay and fast world loading.

High Performance Minecraft

We support modern minecraft servers such as Tunity and Paper which can take your performance to another level compared to legacy Minecraft Servers like Craftbukkit or Spigot.

Two Phase DDoS Mitigation

Mineflex is protected from volumetric DDoS attacks at the network edge

Network Edge Mitigation

Volumetric attacks are halted at the network edge in our first phase of mitigation. This helps absorb attacks that could overwhelm our capacity to the public internet.

Deep Packet Inspection

In the second phase of mitigation Mineflex blocks sophisticated attacks by performing deep packet inspection and ensuring all packets meet the Minecraft protocol specification.

IP Firewall

Mineflex allows you to block connections to your server at our load balancers. This provides greater capacity and flexibity than letting your Minecraft Server apply IP filtering.

Mineflex TCP Load Balancer

Mineflex Minecraft Servers are not exposed to the public internet – all connections must pass through our TCP Load Balanced cluster before reaching your server.

Don't pay extra for essential features

Dedicated IP

All mineflex servers include a free Mineflex subdomain as well as the flexibility to bring your own domain. Don't get stuck having to specify a port number when connecting or paying extra for a dedicated IP address.

Unlimited Player Slots

Server administrators have full access to all server configuration files right from your browser. Through the server configuration panel change the number of player slots at any time without restriction.

More than Minecraft Server Hosting. A Community.

Mineflex helps you build your server community by providing a public server list and Discord channel that updates automatically when your server goes online. We're here to help you grow your Minecraft community.

With the launch of the Mineflex Beta we are excited about the feedback we have already received. We're looking forward to continue improving our product through community participation!