Minecraft Server Hosting for the Cloud Era

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Mineflex eliminates restrictive and costly payment plans so you only pay for the time you play.

The hours you play and the storage you use is automatically monitored so your monthly bill reflects your usage.

Flexibility is About More than Price

From mod pack and plugin edits, to unlimited server slots and unrestricted server size, Mineflex allows you to choose what features are important to you.

We've reimagined multicraft and other outdated control panels for your Minecraft server. Mineflex has built a custom control panel that makes it easy to setup and manage your server in minutes.

Upload Custom Worlds

Unlimited Players

Unlimited Servers

Use a Custom Domain

Free Subdomain

Easy Server Configuration


Join our Discord Channel

The Mineflex discord channel is the best place to give feedback, provide suggestions and hear about product updates.


Check your email inbox to officially register for the beta!

Beta Key

Use the email link to access the registration process. Your beta key will be automatically inputted. If you’ve received a beta key through other means, you’ll just need to copy and paste it into the form.

Server Configuration

The configuration page is where you can install plugins and add modpack features to customize your server.

Get Playing

Your beta account should be all set up for you to start playing Minecraft on your Mineflex server.